Select your size then download and print an order form below

Parent Information

* Please fill out the senior banner form below, attach payment, and have your athlete give the form to the banner photographer.
* Regular photo order forms for team photos and individual photos for family will be distributed by your coach before photo day.

Athletes – Be Prepared

* Player banners are photographed on your team’s photo day.
* Wear your full uniform including pants/pads/cup/belts/etc – (shoes won’t show on senior banners, but shoes do show on regular individual photos)
* Bring equipment to use in the photo (football, ball, helmet, poms, racquet, bat, gloves, megaphone, etc)

Coach – Get Information to Parents Early

* GIVE EVERY SENIOR this form BEFORE photo day so the parent gets a chance to purchase a banner in the size that the team chooses.
* If a senior does not purchase a banner and get a photo taken for that banner, they will not get a banner.
* GIVE each student a VSN Photo ORDER FORM a couple days BEFORE photo day with instructions to give to their parents on that day.
* TELL parents that they can order regular photos (not banners) ONLINE BEFORE photo day at